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Telehealth Model for Data Trusts

Every day, low-income and rural Americans struggle to get access to healthcare and medications.​

Many Americans have to make a choice: pay for their doctor and medications or pay the rent.  ​

Other Americans delay treatment for their children or themselves because they can’t take off work or their doctor is too far away.

When Americans do not go to the doctor for preventative care, health problems pile up—and with them costs do too.

Because most doctor's visits can be completed via telehealth visits—which are much cheaper than traditional in-person visits—we can save Americans money in the long run by smartly investing in telehealth today. 

We have secured an agreement with Teledoc and CleverRx to provide 24/7 telehealth and discount pharmacy to low-income, veteran, and rural families for $120/year.

We are seeking city and foundation partners to develop a prototype "telehealth as an amenity" in low-income housing.  Given correlation between poor access to healthcare and late/default rents, we expect the cost savings to landlords from this offering to exceed the $10/unit per-month telehealth cost.

Telehealth is an ideal data generator, creating a standardized taxonomy and thick layer of data with numerous applications. Residents will be able to opt-in to contributing their telehealth usage data into our data co-opt.

We have already secured #DataForGood pro bono partnerships with one of the largest data exchanges, LiveRamp, to provide a trusted path to market and a HIPAA-compliant data aggregating and anonymizing tool. 


Telehealth statistics

The Data Driven Solution

Telehealth is an ideal data-creation tool. The format of delivering telehealth as part of housing creates a natural communal foundation that will make a co-opt/data trust more likely to succeed. Best of all, the reason this data has market value is because those who purchase it want to provide better services to the communities creating it. It is an ideal social and economic fly-wheel effect.

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