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Public Health Campaign 

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Values Data Group has joined a coalition of community and public health groups in the "Our-Vaccine" campaign to share useful information about the COVID vaccines. 

The Our-Vaccine Learn page offers information on vaccine development and distribution with up-to-date stats on vaccine roll-out.

Did you know? 40 million Americans have already taken the COVID vaccine

The Our-Vaccine Experts page provides a deeper dive into the bios of the people behind the vaccines' development. 

Did you know? 10% of all Americans have taken the COVID vaccine

The campaign is an empowerment tool to help people gain understanding and provide simple truths for those who are unsure or are just looking for more information.  

Did you know? 1-in-3 COVID vaccine trial participants were POC
COVID vaccine? search

COVID vaccine?

Our Vaccine. My Decision. website

Learn more about the Our-Vaccine project by visiting the webpage! 

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