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Data to Combat America's Opioid Epidemic

The CDC estimates the cost of prescription opioid misuse treatment to be $78 billion a year, with the Council of Economic Advisors estimating the total burden at $500 billion a year. 

A Better Way

Based upon a person's online behavior, we have shown that it is possible to identify moments within anonymized data patterns that indicate an early stage of opioid addiction.  This understanding creates opportunities to better meet the needs of the people in those moments and steer them toward preventative resources and treatment options at the point when they are most receptive. 

These same tools allow for a PII-protected mechanism for:

  • Mapping SUD behavior in space and time

  • Identifying the moments when people who are struggling with SUD are most open to information and interventions 

  • Delivering information and interventions in those moments 

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 10.01.54 PM.pn


Providing communities with these insights will result in: 

  • Refined & proven geographic predictive mapping on where spikes and overdoses are most likely

  • Metrics on which messages & creative are most effective at delivering different outcomes

  • Temporal and geographic mapping of the prescription and illegal drugs most responsible for addiction

  • Metrics showing our impact on the organic search of destination pages and keyword associations 

  • Heat map on geographic engagement within the campaign and highest success populations 

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The better community members can communicate with people entering into or living with addiction, the more of them they can effectively help. These data insights significantly improve communication channels to lift people from addiction.

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